East Gates International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Church in China as well as other entities that best serve China’s future growth and development.

We fulfill this by working at all levels in China from engagement in government diplomatic activities to assistance with grassroots rural projects.  In this decade, East-West relations will have a significant impact on the world and will impact China's geo-political, socio-economic and religious activities and their contribution to society.  East Gates is humbled to be a small part of what is happening in the Church in China.

East Gates News

July – Aug 2016 Newsletter

Dear East Gates partner,

When we look at what is happening around the world, there is cause for great consternation. One could say that on the outside, things may seem like they’re falling apart but from the Throne Room perspective, things are falling together. Around 2000 years ago, Jesus stood on the Mount of Olives and proclaimed to His disciples major events that would precede His second coming (Matthew 24).

Living in a volatile “earthquake” zone (spiritually and physically), it’s not surprising Jesus’ disciples thought the Messiah would return in their lifetime. We share with our Chinese brothers and sisters that given the momentous events happening around the world, it’s not surprising we would think Jesus’ imminent second return would be around the corner as well. Jesus’ words continue to resonate and come to pass globally before our eyes every day. (Matthew 24:1-14).

East Gates Featured Article

Christianity and America’s Founding – Jack Ma

Back in September 2014, Jack Ma, founder, and CEO of Alibaba Holding Company spoke on China’s internet Taobao regarding his thoughts on Christianity and America’s founding.  He highlighted the strength of America as a young nation and her commanding power as a world leader today, attributing these qualities to her Christian heritage, and not her legal system, a position widely held by a majority of Chinese intellectuals.

Now the richest man in China, Mr. Ma states that America’s strength was built upon her Christian cultural heritage.  From her belief system came her legal system and from her legal system came her political system.  China is searching for such a belief system and it behooves the nation to study how America evolved from her Christian foundation…