Seeing Beyond the Impossible


One of the wonderful aspects of ministering in China is to be able to celebrate with our brothers and sisters what is produced from genuine faith in God, heartfelt prayers and being about our "Father's business."  Throughout our travels in China, we've observed that when the Holy Spirit starts working with the mind and heart of a Chinese, one is able to see a whole new dimension to God's love, patience, longsuffering, and kindness.  It's a wonderful thing to witness and experience.

Since most of the believers are first generation Christians, our staff receives many invitations to come and visit them, especially the ones in the more remote and less traveled areas.  They greatly value the opportunity to just fellowship, express what God has been doing in their lives and learn from whatever we can share.

Every month, East Gates' headquarters office receives reports from our Hong Kong and China staff on new opportunities in the field and the status of our present projects.  They share with us letters they've received from our Chinese brothers and sisters expressing everything from a warm greeting to a "wish" list, progress on their church expansion project, advice on how to handle a challenging situation or a simple "thank you."

Christian rdg rm in Pingjiang church - Hunan- web siteFor over a quarter of a century, God has been using us to plant many "seeds" and today, they are producing great fruit.  To the right, is a scene you would have never seen a two decades ago but is becoming more common.  East Gates helped local church members establish a "Christian Reading Corner" in Pingjiang, a poor farming county in Hunan Province.  It is managed by the Pingjiang church next door.  The pastor said that even though it still lacks sufficient Christian materials, five new people came to church just after the reading room opened.

There are many other projects that at one time were just a dream in the hearts and minds of Chinese Christians but now they have become a reality.  Thank you for partnering with us in helping to fulfill the hopes and prayers of our brothers and sisters in China.  May God's love and patience continue to have its perfect work.