Seeing Beyond the Impossible


Your Comfort God

By Christina Kuo Graham

Seven years ago, Mrs. Petty, an elderly Christian lady, approached me at a potluck holding a scrumptious piece of apple pie and asked, “Christina, if I ask God to bless this apple pie, will He?” I said, “Why not?” In a loud whisper, she said, “Because, I’m diabetic.” I thought to myself, “Hmm. I need…

Born To Pray

By Christina Kuo Graham

Prayer is about relationship.  God “wired” us to have relationships.  Most of all with Him.  Our ancestors knew this eons ago when they realized that the spiritual and physical realm were intimately tied together. It’s not a coincidence that the things we cherish most in our lives are relationships — be it with our loved…

Tiny But Mighty

By Christina Kuo Graham

One day, God gave me an insight.  We live in momentous times and as Christians, we know that Christ has given us the victory as far as receiving eternal life versus eternal death.  That is the incredible hope we have yet we’re still in a cosmic battle of immense proportions until our King’s soon coming…

Christianity and America’s Founding – Jack Ma

By Christina Kuo Graham

Back in September 2014, Jack Ma, founder, and CEO of Alibaba Holding Company spoke on China’s internet Taobao regarding his thoughts on Christianity and America’s founding.  He highlighted the strength of America as a young nation and her commanding power as a world leader today, attributing these qualities to her Christian heritage, and not her legal…