Seeing Beyond the Impossible

Blessing Your Spirit

cd-2-minEver feel like a wilted flower that needs the refreshment that comes from just a few drops of morning dew? God's Word says that King David craved the Lord's presence like a parched deer pants for water (Psalms 42:1).

East Gates has just produced a CD, Blessing Your Spirit. It's composed of 21 blessings (in Mandarin Chinese) taken from Sylvia Gunter and Arthur Burke's popular book, Blessing Your Spirit.

This project came about through the inspiration of Lotus Buds International. They work to encourage, support and educate families in China to adopt their own orphans. Having worked in the country for a number of years, they observed how nannies and caregivers in orphanages needed spiritual food to nourish their soul. After reading Blessing Your Spirit, they thought it would be a good idea for a CD to be produced with that very idea in mind. They approached East Gates on the project.

Some of the blessings cover topics such as: Knowing Your Purpose, Freedom from the Fear of Man, Sound of Heaven, Kingdom of Peace, Seeing God's Fingerprints and more...

Download the MP3's below

01 引言

02 主內的位分與正統
Identity and Legitimacy

03 曉得你的目標
Knowing Your Purpose

04 順服

05 美德

06 神的兒女

07 不對人感到恐懼的自由
Freedom From Fear of Man

08 蒙拯救
Being Rescued

09 行在神恩中
Walking in Favor

10 盼望

11 歌羅西書1,9-13
Colossians 1,9-13

12 變革時期的朋友
Friends During Transition and Change

13 夜間守望的上帝
God Keeps the Night Watches

14 富有生命力的領導
Lifegiving Leadership

15 重新得力
Strength to Equal Your Days

16 神的作為
Seeing God's Fingerprints

17 從神而來的喜樂
Joy of the Lord

18 天堂之音
Sound of Heaven

19 平安的國度
Kingdom of Peace

20 愛

21 萬事都有定時
Time and Season for Everything