Seeing Beyond the Impossible

East Gates International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Church in China as well as other entities that best serve China’s future growth and development.

We fulfill this by working at all levels in China from engagement in government diplomatic activities to assisting with grassroots rural projects.  In this decade, East-West relations will have a significant impact on the world and will impact China's geo-political, socio-economic and religious activities and their contribution to society.  East Gates is humbled to be a small part of what is happening in the Church in China.

East Gates News

March - April 2024 Newsletter

Spring is here and with it the refreshing fragances that come from new blooms and life blossoming everywhere. This only proves that during the winter months, there was much activity occuring beneath the seemingly dormant surface. The same can be said spiritually and this is the amazing way God designed His Creation. In the midst of the darkest seasons is when one can make the most of the time to conserve energy, be nourished and strengthened to ultimately reveal God’s truth, beauty and loving power. Such is the case with our Chinese brothers and sisters in China.

We’ve been sharing with them that on God’s biblical calendar, Passover and Easter are quickly approaching but there is one Jewish holiday, Purim, that just passed by (March 24) that many were not even aware of but is key in preparing for the Spring festival season. Why? Because it’s a celebration of God’s righteousness overcoming evil and God’s divine purpose defeating the enemy’s deception and lies. Are we not experiencing all of this today? We tell our Chinese brothers and sisters that knowing God’s promises hold true in every generation will give them far greater appreciation for what Yeshua, our King and Savior, eternally accomplished for them as they celebrate Easter (March 31) and Passover (April 22) this year. God wants us to learn from all of the biblical lessons of the past as they apply even more so today. You’ll see why on the next page.

Blessing Your Spirit

cd-2-minEver feel like a wilted flower that needs the refreshment that comes from just a few drops of morning dew? God's Word says that King David craved the Lord's presence like a parched deer pants for water (Psalms 42:1).

East Gates has just produced a CD, Blessing Your Spirit. It's composed of 21 blessings (in Mandarin Chinese) taken from Sylvia Gunter and Arthur Burke's popular book, Blessing Your Spirit.

This project came about through the inspiration of Lotus Buds International. They work to encourage, support and educate families in China to adopt their own orphans. Having worked in the country for a number of years, they observed how nannies and caregivers in orphanages needed spiritual food to nourish their soul. After reading Blessing Your Spirit, they thought it would be a good idea for a CD to be produced with that very idea in mind. They approached East Gates on the project.

Some of the blessings cover topics such as: Knowing Your Purpose, Freedom from the Fear of Man, Sound of Heaven, Kingdom of Peace, Seeing God's Fingerprints and more...


Your Comfort God

Seven years ago, Mrs. Petty, an elderly Christian lady, approached me at a potluck holding a scrumptious piece of apple pie and asked, “Christina, if I ask God to bless this apple pie, will He?” I said, “Why not?” In a loud whisper, she said, “Because, I’m diabetic.” I thought to myself, “Hmm. I need to consult Yeshua (Jesus) on this one.”

I knew Mrs. Petty wanted me to say “yes” but instead, I gently responded, “Um. I don’t think God will bless it.” Before I could say another word, she stammered, “Well, why not!” I quietly replied, “If you eat that sugar-laced piece of apple pie and have an insulin reaction, I might have to call 911. In God’s dictionary, a blessing is anything that benefits your eternal welfare. Since you’re diabetic, I don’t think that piece of pie falls into that category.” Her response? “Well, I’m just going to share it with my husband then” and walked off. Today, she has Alzheimer’s Disease and many other ailments...