The Basics-min


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Experts in any field or profession know that they must first master the basics. This simple principle applies especially to God’s Word and His way of Life. The author, Rev. Gene Cunningham, a gifted international Bible teacher for decades states in his preface, “As we mature, we come to realize that proficiency, skill in the living the Christian life, is not a matter of moving beyond the basics, but is a matter of delving more deeply into them. We will need to outgrow our need for confession or prayer or service; in fact, growth intensifies our need for and our pleasure in these things. And even though we learn more promises, more principles, more doctrines every day, we will never plumb the depths of even the most basic truth of God’s Word.” The Basics is a valuable resource found in many of China’s seminaries because covers in a very clear and concise manner key topics such as: The Problem of Sin, Redemption, the Cross, the Holy Spirit, the Church, Faith, Scripture, Sharing the Gospel, Spiritual Gifts, Prayer, the Christian Life, Grace and Truth, Discernment, Temptation, Satan’s Strategy and Preparation for Christ’s Return.